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Milky Whip

Milky Whip

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 Handmade Polymer Clay Earrings, lovingly crafted and hand-painted right here in Louisiana. Each piece is a testament to creativity and craftsmanship, waiting for you to appreciate its beauty.

Every pair of our earrings is lovingly created from 100% polymer clay, sometimes paired with elements like resin and acrylic paint. They are all unique, and even if a style is repeated, each piece will have its own distinctive variation, making it exclusively yours.

Love & Care Instructions 

While our earrings are made with love and durability in mind, they do require tender loving care to ensure their longevity. Polymer clay, although somewhat flexible, should not be bent as this could affect its structure and aesthetic.

For care, we recommend

  •  Storing your earrings in a cool, dry area, away from oils and perfumes.
  • Avoid wearing them while sleeping, swimming, or showering.
  • Handle them with the same care that was used to create them.

Remember, your FunFunkyFree earrings are more than just accessories, they're handmade art pieces crafted just for you.

"Please keep in mind, as these are handmade items, variations, imperfections, and slight differences are inherent and add to the unique charm of each piece."

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